20+ Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Mom: Funny & Cute

baby shower gift ideas for mom
baby shower gift ideas for mom

Celebrating the impending arrival of a precious little one is a joyous occasion, and finding the perfect baby shower gift ideas for mom is an opportunity to share in the excitement. From practical essentials to sentimental treasures, these gift ideas are curated to honor and support the journey into motherhood. 

The Meaning of Baby Shower’s Day

A baby shower is a cherished event that typically occurs during the final trimester of pregnancy, symbolizing the imminent arrival of a newborn. This celebration is a heartfelt expression of love and support for the expectant mother, offering a moment of joy and connection before the baby’s arrival. Friends and family gather to honor the mom-to-be, providing well-wishes, advice, and gifts to help prepare for the exciting journey into parenthood. 

In essence, Best Personalized Gifts believes a baby shower holds deep emotional significance, signifying the expansion of a family and the beginning of a transformative chapter. It is a communal expression of excitement, love, and encouragement, or reinforces the baby shower’s mom gift ideas with those closest to the growing family.

The Meaning of Baby Shower’s Day
The Meaning of Baby Shower’s Day

20+ Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Mom

Celebrating a mom-to-be is a joyous occasion, and finding the perfect baby shower gifts for her adds a special touch. Explore this curated list of 20+ thoughtful and practical ideas to shower her with love and support as she embarks on the beautiful journey of motherhood.

DIY Gift For Mom On Baby Shower

Surprise the mom-to-be with heartfelt, handmade gift for her ideas that add a personal touch to the baby shower. From customized onesies to handcrafted nursery decor, these DIY gifts for mom on baby showers reflect your love and creativity.

  • Personalized Onesies:

Create custom onesies using fabric paint or iron-on transfers. Add adorable designs, the baby’s name, or fun quotes for a unique wardrobe. These personalized baby shower presents for mom showcase your artistic flair and provide the little one with a wardrobe full of love and individuality.

  • Handmade Baby Blanket:

Craft a cozy and sentimental baby blanket using soft fabrics. Personalize your baby shower gift ideas for mom with embroidery or fabric markers for an extra touch of love. This handmade blanket becomes more than just a cozy cover; it’s a tangible expression of warmth and care that the baby can cherish as they grow.

DIY Gift For Mom On Baby Shower
DIY Gift For Mom On Baby Shower

  • DIY Nursery Wall Art:

Whether presenting gift ideas for grandma, designing and painting a canvas or wooden frame to show your artistic talent is ideal. Your creation will add a unique and personalized touch to the baby’s room. This DIY wall art serves as a lasting piece of decor, carrying the essence of your creativity into the heart of the nursery.

  • Homemade Baby Booties:

Knit or crochet a pair of adorable baby booties. Choose soft yarn in mom’s favorite colors for a cute and functional gift. These homemade baby shower gift ideas for mom not only keep little feet warm but also showcase your craftsmanship, becoming a sweet and practical addition to the baby’s wardrobe.

  • Memory Scrapbook:

Assemble a memory scrapbook where guests can share advice, well-wishes, and memories. Decorate the pages with baby-themed embellishments for a cherished keepsake. This scrapbook is more than just a collection of sentiments; it’s a treasure trove of love and wisdom, capturing the collective joy surrounding the baby’s arrival.

  • Scented Candles in Custom Jars:

Pour and personalize scented candles in jars adorned with custom labels. Choose fragrances that promote relaxation, creating a soothing atmosphere for the new mom. These scented baby shower gift ideas for mom become a source of comfort, offering moments of tranquility and self-care for the expecting mother.

  • Handcrafted Baby Mobile:

Construct a whimsical baby mobile with felt or paper cutouts. Incorporate shapes or characters that match the nursery theme for an enchanting and handmade addition. This baby mobile isn’t just a decorative piece; it’s a source of wonder and stimulation for the baby, fostering early engagement with the surrounding environment.

Handcrafted Baby Mobile
Handcrafted Baby Mobile

Funny Baby Shower’s Mom Gift Ideas

Bring laughter to the baby shower with these amusing and lighthearted baby shower gift ideas for mom. From witty onesies to humorous parenting books, these funny presents will add a delightful touch to the celebration.

  • Funny Parenting Guide Book:

Presenting baby shower presents for mom through a humorous parenting guide, injecting laughter into the challenges of motherhood. This witty read provides comic relief and valuable insights, making it a perfect companion for the journey ahead.

  • Baby Onesies with Clever Quotes:

Choose onesies with witty and clever quotes that showcase the humor of parenting. These adorable outfits not only bring joy but also add a touch of playfulness to the baby’s wardrobe.

Baby Onesies with Clever Quotes
Baby Onesies with Clever Quotes

  • Customized Baby Milestone Cards:

Create personalized milestone cards with funny captions for the mom to capture and share the baby’s humorous achievements. These cards turn everyday moments into memorable and amusing snapshots.

  • Funny Maternity Shirt:

Presenting baby shower gift ideas for mom with a funny maternity shirt that showcases the mom-to-be’s sense of humor. Whether it’s a clever slogan or a witty illustration, this shirt adds a playful touch to her maternity wardrobe.

  • Diaper Duty Tool Belt:

Equip the mom with a “Diaper Duty Tool Belt” filled with humorous essentials like wipes, diapers, and a mini parenting guide. This practical yet amusing gift brings laughter to the everyday challenges of parenting.

  • Parenting Board Game:

Present a humorous parenting board game that pokes fun at the trials and tribulations of raising a baby. This entertaining game provides a lighthearted way for the mom to unwind and enjoy moments of laughter.

  • Funny Parenting Mugs:

Choose humorous mugs with witty parenting quotes or clever illustrations. These mugs serve as a daily dose of humor for the mom, making her morning coffee or tea a delightful part of her routine.

Funny Parenting Mugs
Funny Parenting Mugs

Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Mom

Celebrate the mom-to-be with these unique and thoughtful baby shower gifts. From personalized keepsakes to practical essentials, these gifts go beyond the ordinary, adding a special touch to the joyous occasion.

  • Customized Pregnancy Journal:

A beautifully crafted pregnancy journal designed exclusively for the mom-to-be. Tailored with custom prompts and themed sections, it transforms into a treasured keepsake, meticulously capturing the nuances of her journey into motherhood. 

  • Spa Gift Basket for Mom:

Indulge the expectant mom with a spa gift basket that transcends ordinary pampering. Carefully curated with luxurious baby shower gift ideas for mom, this basket is more than a collection of soothing items; it’s a sensory retreat tailored to her needs. 

  • Handcrafted Nursery Decor:

Elevate the baby’s surroundings with handcrafted nursery decor that transcends the conventional. From intricately designed custom name signs to whimsical mobiles that dance with each breeze, these pieces transform the nursery into a haven of creativity and love. 

  • Babymoon Experience Package:

Gift the parents-to-be with an enchanting babymoon experience, a curated escape tailored to their desires. Whether it’s a cozy weekend retreat in the mountains or a pampering day spa by the sea, this package provides a sanctuary for them to bond and relish precious moments before their lives transform. 

Babymoon Experience Package
Babymoon Experience Package

  • Personalized Baby Clothes Subscription:

Revolutionize the baby’s wardrobe with a personalized baby clothes subscription that brings fashion and uniqueness to a new level. Each delivery, tailored to the baby’s size and the mom’s style preferences, is a curated selection of adorable baby shower gift ideas for mom. 

  • Pregnancy Belly Cast Kit:

Capture the miraculous transformation of the mom’s body with a DIY pregnancy belly cast kit. Beyond a simple craft, this kit becomes a heartfelt project, allowing the mom to mold and create a unique keepsake of her baby bump. 

Pregnancy Belly Cast Kit
Pregnancy Belly Cast Kit

  • Parenting Class Gift Certificate:

Empower the parents-to-be with the gift of knowledge and preparation through a parenting class gift certificate. These classes offer more than just information; they provide a supportive environment for learning and building confidence. 

Basket Ideas To Gift Mom On Baby Shower

Surprise future moms with thoughtfully curated baby shower gift ideas for mom in baskets, each brimming with love and practicality. From pampering essentials to baby care must-haves, these baskets offer a touch of joy for every aspect of motherhood.

  • Pamper Mom Spa Basket:

Transform her bathroom into a sanctuary with scented candles, luxurious bath oils, and cozy robes. This spa basket isn’t just a gift; it’s an invitation for the mom-to-be to unwind, indulge, and savor moments of tranquility amid the joyful chaos of preparing for the baby. 

  • Nesting Necessities Basket:

Beyond the joyous excitement, the nesting necessities basket stands as a beacon of practicality. Filled with essential baby care items – diapers, wipes, and soothing creams – it’s a thoughtful gesture ensuring the new mom is well-equipped for the early days of motherhood. 

Nesting Necessities Basket
Nesting Necessities Basket

  • Gourmet Indulgence Basket:

Satisfy her cravings and elevate the culinary experience with gourmet baby shower gift ideas for mom in basket. From artisanal chocolates to exotic teas and delectable snacks, this basket transforms cravings into a gourmet journey. 

  • Bookworm’s Delight Basket:

For the mom who finds solace in literature, the bookworm’s delight basket is a curated haven of literary treasures. Fill the ideas to gift mom on baby shower with classic children’s books, parenting guides, and a cozy blanket, it invites the mom-to-be to embark on a journey of storytelling and bonding with her little one. 

  • Organic Baby Essentials Basket:

Embrace eco-conscious parenting with the organic baby essentials basket. Featuring organic baby clothes, blankets, and skincare products, this basket is a statement of care for both the baby and the environment. It ensures that the baby’s early days are surrounded by pure and gentle materials, reflecting a commitment to a natural and nurturing start in the world.

  • Memory Lane Photo Basket:

Encourage the mom-to-be to weave a tapestry of memories with the memory lane photo basket. Fill the baby shower gift ideas for mom with a stylish photo album, cute baby frames, and a disposable camera, this basket becomes a vessel for capturing and cherishing moments along the journey of motherhood. 

Memory Lane Photo Basket
Memory Lane Photo Basket

  • Date Night for Two Basket:

Amidst the excitement of impending parenthood, the date night for two baskets stands as a thoughtful reminder of the importance of connection. Curating the ideas to gift mom on baby shower with gift cards from local restaurants, cozy blankets, and a movie night subscription, it becomes a catalyst for quality time together before the baby arrives. 

Baby Shower’s Theme You Should Refer To

Besides choosing baby shower gift ideas for mom, selecting a theme for a baby shower adds a delightful and cohesive touch to the celebration. Here are five charming baby shower themes that you may find inspiring:

  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star:

Transform the venue into a celestial wonderland with a “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” theme. Decorate with glittering stars, moons, and soft celestial hues. It’s a dreamy and enchanting theme perfect for welcoming a little one.

  • Woodland Adventure:

Bring the magic of the outdoors indoors with a woodland adventure theme. Adorn the space with woodland creatures, trees, and earthy tones. This theme creates a whimsical and cozy atmosphere, perfect for celebrating the upcoming arrival of a little explorer.

  • Vintage Storybook:

Dive into nostalgia with a vintage storybook theme. Decorate with classic storybook characters, muted pastels, and antique elements. It’s a charming and timeless theme that pays homage to beloved childhood tales.

  • Oh, Baby! Fiesta:

Add a burst of color and energy with an “Oh, Baby! Fiesta” theme. Incorporate vibrant Mexican-inspired decor, fiesta banners, and playful cactus accents. This lively theme creates a festive and celebratory atmosphere for the mom-to-be.

  • Nautical Adventure:

Set sail with a nautical adventure theme. Deck out the venue with anchors, sailboats, and maritime colors. This theme brings a sense of adventure and anticipation, perfect for celebrating the upcoming voyage into parenthood.

Nautical Adventure
Nautical Adventure


In the tapestry of baby shower gift ideas for mom, each carefully chosen present weaves a narrative of love, support, and celebration. From practical essentials to heartfelt keepsakes, these gifts are more than mere tokens; they are expressions of joy for the new journey ahead.